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Important note: Almost all visual assets in this demo are outdated as of January 2017. Check out our Steam page for the newest gameplay videos and screenshots.

A free public beta demo with full gameplay features and updated assets will be released here on June 1, 2017.

* EDIT: The beta release date has been pushed back from May 20 to June 1 to avoid clashing with another release from Sekai Project.

What to expect in the public beta demo:

- More cute anime girls!

- Major visual revamp.

- Massive frame rate improvements in the game's dungeon.

- More cute anime girls!

- A lot of changed and new gameplay mechanics (For example, the fishing minigame will be completely remade, and cooking will be added).

- Gameplay balances.

- More cute anime girls!

- Easily accessed tutorials for mechanics and controls.

- A lot less bugs (hopefully).

- Did we mention there will be more cute anime girls?

Serment - Contract with a Devil is a light-hearted Visual Novel - Dungeon Crawler hybrid (sponsored and published by Sekai Project) featuring a dating sim time management system, turn-based RPG battles, multiple minigames and most importantly, cute kemonomimis.

Play as 1 of the 4 heroines who have been revived by the a beautiful devil.

Though, instead of claiming your ever so cliche human soul, the devil demands a huge sum of money for payment. You also learn of the dreadful fact that you will die again if the payment is not in time.

Thus begins our heroine's adventure to explore the demon world and somehow meet payment deadlines.

Despite the dark sounding premise, the majority of Serment will be light-hearted slice of life events (more commonly known as cute girls doing cute things), so if you are expecting this to be something like Dark Souls, we are sorry, you will be disappointed.

The total playtime of this demo is around 1 hour.

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This game is so freakishly good, I swear -I can hardly even wait to play the full version! ^^

Thank you! The beta demo is going to be much better, we hope you will give it a try as well :)

Of course! ^^

I did a Let's Play of your demo :)
Can't wait for the next demo and when the full game is released


I like what you did there with hybriding the visual novel and dungeon crawler mechanics, I always felt visual novels in themselves are kind of lacking.


We have commissioned potouto for a complete GUI remake for Serment, update 1.02 will be a major one :) (and unfortunately will take some time before it's ready).

The demo is constantly being tested and updated with new balance values and gamplay features. We will keep you informed of any major changes!