Demo update 2.02 released!

We have released a small patch for the demo, which fixes several bugs from version 2.00 and contains some additional polishes. Simply extract the patch directly to your game folder if you already have version 2.00 to update the demo!

Here's the complete changelog:

  • Slightly improved memory usage.
  • Fixed a few bugs with eating food in battle.
  • Added a text popup displaying HP/MP healed after eating food or using "Focus".
  • Fixed warp point, recharge key, locked door, spinner and arrows not working if a random encounter happens on the same spot.
  • Added several minor visual polishes.
  • Reversed the Auto-forward bar direction in the config screen (Higher bar value now reduces the delay).
  • The 4 bars inside config screen are now adjustable by keyboard (Left and Right buttons, controllers are not supported for now).
  • Fixed a few bugs with displaying overly long character names.
  • Included ingame time and save year in save file's description.
  • Added some tooltips explaining status effects when hovering over the 4 elemental resistances in Status screen.
  • Added some tooltips explaining the level mechanic when hovering over character level in Status screen.
  • Number of keys left inside the dungeon is now visible.
  • A new day now fully restores all characters' MP.
  • Fixed failing a payment resulting in a black screen instead of restarting the game.
  • Fixed wrong travel time calculations if the player goes with Maria for breakfast on day 3.
  • Fixed not being able to finish Ino’s lunchbox quest if the lunchbox is given to Ino from 5.55 p.m onwards.
  • Fixed Ino’s lunchbox quest being repeatable.
  • Fixed wrong popup messages for Floor 2’s treasure chests.
  • Fixed Floor 2’s spinner temporarily disappearing after turning in the same tile.
  • Fixed Floor 3’s keys not working.
  • Closing the game menu now resets the selected character to Ninja and the inventory tab to “ALL”.
  • Fixed the dungeon background sometimes not disappearing after going home.
  • Fixed character sprites sometimes not being hidden after dungeon events.
  • Fixed picking up the Tiger Claws in Floor 3 crashing the game.
  • Increased EXP reward and loot drop chance of Land Turtles.
  • Increased selling price of Onimaru.
  • Reduced amount of G lost after losing a battle.
  • Fixed Rocky’s quest for the Titan Bracelet being repeatable.
  • Fixed Lily’s sprite not being hidden if the player hangs around the river after 6 pm.
  • Waypoints are now usable right after they are activated.


patch 2.00 to 41 MB
Jun 22, 2017 459 MB
Jun 22, 2017

Get Serment - Contract with a Devil Demo (Final)

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