Demo update 2.04

We have added 1 new boss battle and made several changes/bug fixes to the demo!

Here's the complete changelog:


  • Rewrote a few scenes (Removed some nameless characters' dialogues and made minor adjustments in a couple of other places).
  • Each summoned party member now takes an equal share of G dropped in battles (All dropped items and treasure chests are not affected).
  • Increased G rewards and loot drop chance of most enemies to compensate for the above change.
  • Fixed the inner waypoint of Floor 3 not working.
  • Replaced the confirmation message of deleting a save file to avoid confusion with loading.
  • Replaced the 2 center doors in Floor 3 with a single door requiring 2 keys.
  • Slightly reduced amount of MT drained after losing a battle.
  • Increased amount of MT drained otherwise.
  • Fixed Young Wolf's battle AI not working.
  • Added a "Load" option in boss battle menu.
  • Reduced initial selling price of all weapons.
  • A weapon's selling price now scales with its level (Up to 80% of buying price).
  • Fixed Floor 2's spinner appearing in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Floor 3's spinner not immediately reappearing if the player turns away in the same tile.


  • Added 2nd encounter with Sera on Floor 3.
  • Cooking multiple food items now only require half the time after the first copy (For example, cooking time of a Fruit Cake is 30 minutes. Cooking 2 Fruit Cakes at the same time will now take 45 minutes instead of 1 hour).
  • Fixed buying/selling/cooking/crafting quantity not resetting to 1.
  • Fixed a rare bug where variables are not updated after a new patch (Might be incompatible with save files from version 2.02 and below. Sorry about this, it will not happen again).
  • Fixed buying food items crashing the game.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Changed battle speed calculation formula (Characters with extremely low AGI are now a bit slower).
  • Tripled essence drop rate (All non-boss enemies have a very small chance of dropping essences).
  • Fixed Ice Shrapnel’s damage not being calculated correctly.
  • Increased Shadow Cross’ damage.
  • Increased Vampiric Touch’s lifesteal percentage from 20 to 50.
  • Nerfed Shadow Slime’s INT.
  • Fixed Floor 3's Recharge key being disabled.

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