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didn't play your demo yet, but I saw the girl in your cover and I'm in love with her


I thoroughly enjoyed this demo. The art work was beautiful and the music was also pretty good. I can't wait to play the full release of this game. 

Is a full release still planned for this game? Haven't seen updates in a while :(

Of course! There are still several issues we have to address so the release will be later than expected, but it is in no way discontinued.

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Since the demo is already a limited part of the game, I would suggest allowing the choice of character; as it is the imposed character does not fit my type of gameplay, and as such I did not go past that fake character selection screen.

Update 47 days later:

It looks like the author is not following this page any more, and I banned years ago Steam for several reasons.

Consequently, writing this game off.


Can't wait to play the official one :D

I still absolutely adore your game, mate~ Can't wait for late 2017!

This game is so freakishly good, I swear -I can hardly even wait to play the full version! ^^

Thank you! The beta demo is going to be much better, we hope you will give it a try as well :)

Of course! ^^

I did a Let's Play of your demo :)
Can't wait for the next demo and when the full game is released

I like what you did there with hybriding the visual novel and dungeon crawler mechanics, I always felt visual novels in themselves are kind of lacking.